Pino Gioia is an pop-rock crossover recording artist, singer, songwriter, pianist, entertainer and music producer with a passionate and enchanting voice. He has received rave reviews on American, Canadian, South American and Italian televisions, magazines and radio stations as well for his performances at various festivals and venues throughout the USA , Canada and Europe. Born and raised in Italy, the artist attended the conservatory of Music Gesualdo da Venosa - Potenza graduating in piano. He has released 12 albums.

Pino's concerts are a journey from the 60s to today with unique arrangements of legendary songs alternated with successes written by him as "Aspettando la sera", "Il chiodo fisso" and others. All this combined with its endearing voice make the show engaging and fun.

Dear friends,

after the latest precautionary measures adopted by the Italian government to fight and hopefully definitively defeat the expansion of the coronavirus, it's impossible for me to leave Italian territory. Therefore the shows scheduled in Canada and the USA for the end of March and April are postponed. It's very difficult for me, but I want to serenely respect this restriction, not only for myself, having to perform in public I could be a danger to others people, given the exponential increase of infections. Music and shows as well as moments of culture are and must be moments of aggregation and leisure and I don't think that with the current situation they would be such. I trust the organizers and those who work with me to set other dates as soon as we have certain information on how and when we will be able to move serenely and without danger, I trust those who are organizing events in the future months they haven't fear and I trust in you that you'll be there. Love.


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